Almost everyone thinks of Kenya as synonymous with wildlife and rightly so (perhaps a few will think marathon runners!). It is one of the foremost countries in which to experience first hand, wild animals in their natural habitat. Kenya is also a country of diverse landscapes with sweeping plains where the animal kingdom roams. There are majestic snow-capped mountains - Mount Kenya is 5200 metres/16,900 feet in height and there are tropical palm-fringed beaches next to coral reefs along the Indian Ocean coast.

Nairobi, a thriving modern capital, is usually the starting point en route to a Kenya safari. If the opportunity arises, try the unusual Carnivore Restaurant which specializes in dishes such as zebra steaks, roast wildebeest to mention two.

There are numerous parks and reserves to choose from for your game viewing safari. Some of the principal ones are Maasai Mara (the northern arm of the Serengeti shared with Tanzania), Aberdare, Amboseli, Lake Nakuru, Samburu and Mount Kenya. The latter has magnificent views of Mount Kenya and was originally a retreat for movie stars.

Kenya has a warm and humid climate along its Indian Ocean coastline, grasslands inland towards the capital. Nairobi has a cool climate that gets colder approaching Mount Kenya, which has three permanently snow-capped peaks. Further inland, there is a warm and humid climate around Lake Victoria, and temperate forested and hilly areas in the western region. The northeastern regions along the border with Somalia and Ethiopia are arid and semi-arid areas with near-desert landscapes. Lake Victoria, the world's second largest fresh-water lake and the world's largest tropical lake, is situated to the southwest and is shared with Uganda and Tanzania.  There are several world heritage sites such as Lamu and world renowned beaches; such as Kilifi where international yachting competitions are held each year.


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